1st and 2nd Unitarian Churches of Omaha’s

Afghan Refugee Project

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That you desperately needed to leave the  United States and go to a strange country for your survival.  You must leave quickly and can take only one suitcase. Family members are left behind  – your mother, father, brothers,  or sisters.

If you can picture and feel these things in imagination, then you have a brief idea of what Omaha area Afghan Refugee families are facing.   

Afghan Refugee Project: A NOTE OF THANKS!
With sincere appreciation for all of the help extended by members of First and

Second Unitarian Church and friends that heard there was a family in need,

our Afghan family's father, Hamid Zaher, asked to share a few thoughts:
Throughout our lives, we sometimes make friends who are the reasons for our

happiness and the partners of our sorrow.  How pretty it is interpreted that clouds

rest on the sky, trees flourish on the ground and humans rely on each other's

kindness.  My dear friends from First UU and Second UU!  Not only your generosity

and support, but also the love you share saves us of suffering from our bitter

experiences.  I see my children and my sister begin dreaming for a peaceful future.  

This gives us, the parents, a sense of healing and strength.  We are happy and you

are the reason for our happiness.  Thank you and may Allah, the Almighty bless you.  

 ~ Hamid     

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First and Second Unitarian Churches of Omaha have come together to Co-Sponsor an Afghan Refugee Family under the guidance of Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. JoAnne Draper & Michaela Weiss from 2nd Church and John Mangini & Barb Herring from 1st Church volunteered to act as co-chairs.

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Click here for a brief overview

In co-sponsoring an Afghan Refugee Family,
we have agreed to:

  • Furnish the family’s new home / apartment

  • Participate in a one-day household set up

  • Purchase culturally appropriate groceries

  • Meet the family at the airport and share their first hot meal in Omaha

  • Commit to visiting the family at least once a week for 3-6 months

  • A small group of people to act as their Mentors.

Ways to help

Below we have listed several ways to become involved with the Project

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Quick and Easy:

  • Donate Gift Cards (Walmart, Target, Goodwill, Big Lots, Grocery Stores...)

  • Donate Gently Used Furniture and Kitchen Household goods

  • Donate a 10 Ride Bus Pass

  • Donate a Roll of Quarters

  • Donate Money to help buy New Mattress, New Linens and Items to help complete our list of Household Needs

CLICK HERE to donate gently used items or bus passes.

CLICK HERE to give a monetary donation. 

Drop in Opportunities:          

  • Help with shopping for household and grocery items

  • Help with gathering household goods

  • Help setting up the Family’s new home

  • Help picking up, transporting and delivering furniture

CLICK HERE to volunteer. 



Items Needed to Set Up a Refugee Household


We are collecting household items and furniture.

To see an updated list of what is needed, please click here

We cannot accept:  Recliner Sofas, Waterbeds or King Size Beds, Decorations/Knick-Knacks, Broken or Incomplete Items, Stained or Unwashed Items.