Flint Discussion Forum


Background on the next Holland Lecture speaker
Angela Davis
and a brief overview and discussion
of the Nebraska prison system.
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.



  • Kim Dunovan



  • Who do we lock up?

  • Why are we locking them up?

  • What does our prison system say about us?  



Prison Reform Bills Introduced in the Unicameral This Session


  • LB 172 (Sen. Chambers)  Eliminates mandatory minimum sentences for some felonies

  • LB 173 (Sen. Chambers) Limits habitual criminal designation to violent crimes and some motor vehicle crimes

  • LB 119 (Sen. Schumacher) Short sentences may be served in the county jail

  • LB 237 (Sen. Coash) Authorizes construction of a new prison

  • LB 499 (Sen. Krist) Improve mental health services coordination with prison and probation officers to prevent mentally ill from being incarcerated

  • LB 592 (Sen. Bolz) Improve evaluation and monitoring of inmates with mental health issues

  • LB 605 (Sen. Mello) Require period of supervised release, improve training of parole officers, set up legislative oversight committee

  • LB 606 (Sen. Mello) Establish an Inspector General to oversee the Department of Corrections

  • LB 654 (Sen. Seiler) Build mental health prison in Hastings



The philosopher, John Dewey, said the best way to judge a culture is to see what kind of people are in the jails.  [Source]



You want us to have self-worth,
  So you destroy our self-worth!

You want us to be responsible,
  So you take away all responsibilities!

You want us to be part of our communities,
   So you isolate us away from our communities!

You want us to be positive and constructive,
  So you degrade us and make us feel useless!

You want us to be trustworthy,
  So you put us where there is NO trust!

You want us to be nonviolent,
    So you put us where there is violence all around!

You want us to be kind and loving people,
  So we are subjected to hatred and cruelty!

You want us to quit being the tough guy,
  So you put us where the tough guy is respected!

You want us to quit hanging around losers,
  So you put all us losers in the State under one roof!

You want us to quit exploiting you,
  So you put us where we can exploit each other

You want us to take control of our lives, own up to
problems and quit being parasites,
   So you make us totally dependent on you!

                  Lewis Bade 50738
                  Tecumseh State Correctional Institution