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Blessing Bag Day 2019: Friday, October 11
 Help First U Help Our Neighbors

The Midtown Helping Hands Team (Neighborhood Ministry Team) needs more Blessing Bags. The winter months can be rough for those without shelter, those without permanent homes, those living in shelters, and those who simply need help. It’s easy to take for granted having personal care items on hand: soap, shampoo, a comb, chap stick, cotton swabs, Band-Aids, a new pair of socks, warm gloves. When people come to the church looking for help, we give them blessing bags along with bus passes or gas cards or food cards to nearby places to eat.


Please help us help others. 


A marked Donation Box is in the Common Room. Yes, you can donate in increments. Please email the church office at to let us know which items (and quantity) you or your team can provide. Thank you for your help! 


Note: Thanks to generous donors, the bags themselves and the items we had listed have all been claimed. 

Blessing Bag Assembly--Blessing Bag Day 

On Friday, October 11 9am to 11am, we will assemble the Blessing Bags in the church Common Room.  Can you help? Sign up by emailing the church office: or go to our Facebook event here:

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