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Support Economic Recovery Act

LB1024, as Amended by AM1920


Proposed legislative bill: The Economic Recovery Act would appropriate $450 million dollars

from Nebraska’s share of the Federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) toward the

economic recovery of North Omaha and South Omaha. The bill recognizes that these

neighborhoods have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 and have unique

challenges that have persisted for generations due in part to racial segregation and redlining.

The act gives priority to grants targeted at housing, job training and business development

within these neighborhoods.


History: ARPA was passed to support State and local governments in their response to the impact of Covid-19 on their residents, businesses and communities. Nebraska is expected to receive approximately $6 billion in ARPA funds. Initially, the bill targeted the funds for North Omaha. In the course of the legislative process, the bill was amended to include neighborhoods in South Omaha. The money will be disbursed by a new Economic Recovery Division within the Department of Economic Development, with oversight from a newly created Economic Recovery Advisory Committee. Committee members would include the Director of Economic Development, a representative of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, a community member from neighborhoods within North or South Omaha and two senators from legislative districts in North and South Omaha who are non-voting members of the committee.


Why the Side With Love Social Justice Team supports LB1024 as Amended

       1. This Federal funding under ARPA represents a “once-in-a lifetime” opportunity to respond to the challenges facing North and South Omaha that have been worsened by the Covid-19 public health crisis.


       2. The money is available!  Sen Wayne has made this his Priority Bill for this Unicameral session and the Urban Affairs Committee voted 6-1 to advance the legislation to the floor of the Unicameral.  It has the opportunity to be presented and passed if enough support is generated.


How you can learn more about LB1024, as Amended

             1. Excellent prospectus presented by Senators McKinney and Wayne with examples for use of funding grants.  

            2. Click here for copy of the legislation

               3. Click here for a statement from the Urban Affairs Committee


How YOU can support passage of this Bill:          

Call, write or email your state legislator.  To find who your senator is go to: On the website, enter your address to see your senator with a link to his/her webpage below the photo. Follow this link for contact information for all Nebraska State Senators’: 


Others Supporting LB1024/AM1920 include: Rev Portia Cavitt from Clair Memorial United Methodist Church-representing the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Todd Schmaderer-Omaha Police Chief, Mark Newman-Greater Omaha Chamber, T Michael Williams-NAACP, Kenny McMorris-Charles Drew Health Center Inc., Health Center Association of Nebraska

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