Hope in Action 
I am a member or friend of this church and I could use assistance. (Please describe the nature of the assistance you need).  It may take up to 7 days to receive a response from a church member.


















What is Hope in Action?

Our church believes in community, and that is what Hope In Action, a sub-team of the Caring Team, is all about. Life can leave any of us feeling vulnerable and isolated. We want to make it easier for you to ask for support and easier for you to offer support when others are in need.


Who Can Help?

Everyone! Hope in Action is an opportunity for everyone in our church community to support each other by sharing our knowledge, skills and resources.


Hope In Action will use church communications, including the enews, to let our church community know when help is needed to respond to a request for support.  And we will report back to the church community about how we were able to respond. All communication will be done in a manner that maintains the degree of confidentiality requested by the person seeking assistance.


Hope in Action, a sub-team of the Caring Team, offers support to any church member, friend, regular attendee or family member in need of assistance. You may send an email to hopeinaction@firstuuomaha.org, use the Hope in Action form above, call the church office, or complete a Caring Card located in the church pews and place it in the offering plate. 



Please click here to see our Resource Guide for the Omaha area. 

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