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After a year of work, your Search Committee is very pleased to present Reverend Shari Woodbury as our Ministerial Candidate. What this means: We have winnowed down from written ministerial records, primary video interviews, and three pre-candidating weekends, a candidate for our church. Rev. Shari is our choice--and we are delighted she felt the same! A "candidate" is a minister that has been chosen by the Search Committee, but who has not yet been called by congregational vote. (This is like the President-Elect at the annual meeting.) See her introductory video here: What's next? Candidating Week, April 26- May 3. This is the time that the congregation gets to experience Rev. Shari's ministry--open Zoom socials, meetings with the board and various groups, staff discussions, etc. For this week, she is our minister. There is a Sunday service at the start of the week, and one at the end. After that, Rev. Woodbury will sign off and the congregation will vote (more details on that later). You may be concerned that you will not have as much opportunity to meet Shari because of our current social distancing. During a normal candidating week, there are typically just one or two opportunities for the general congregation to chat with a candidate. That is usually a coffee hour and a social, where a room full of others are eager to say hello. We are working on designing a week where there are smaller groups and will share the schedule when it is finalized. Questions? Email the Search Committee at

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