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Hey, What’s The Search Committee Up To Now?

There are many steps to take in the search for a settled minister. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey and attended cottage meetings and focus groups. Thanks to church staff and leaders who took time to respond to our questions, and special thanks to Rev. Michelle for her exceptional guidance and support.

We’re busy using all of this information to complete First Unitarian’s “Congregational Record”.  It’s due by December 1 and we’re right on track to meet the deadline. There are thirty-three congregations in search this year for a settled minister and each one will complete their own Congregational Record, a deep dive into church history, culture, staff, finances, religious education, facilities, demographics and what the congregation is looking for in a minister. Ministerial candidates take all of December to review those Congregational Records and in early January, the Search Committee will learn the names of prospective candidates who are interested in an initial interview to learn more about our congregation.

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Search Committee Cottage & Focus Group Meetings

If you have answered the Minister Search Survey, THANK YOU! Recruiting the right person as our next minister is essential to our congregation’s future. Your next mission is to attend one of several “C