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Minister Interviews are Happening!!!!!

Ministers spent the month of December reviewing the Congregational Records of the thirty UU churches in search this year, and on January 2, we received from the UUA the names of interested ministers who wanted to know more about our congregation.

We have completed video interviews, lasting approximately an hour, with all of the ministers who expressed an interest. We’ve conducted initial reference checks and made offers for ministers to pre-candidate with us. We are pleased with the quality of the interested ministers. Each minister who accepts our offer to pre-candidate comes to Omaha over a weekend in February or March for social time, a three hour interview with the committee, a tour of the city and our building, and a worship service they will conduct at a UU church outside of Omaha.

At the end of March, we will communicate to the UUA our ranking of the pre-candidates based on who we believe could best serve as our next settled minister. Each minister can pre-candidate at up to three churches, and they will similarly be ranking those congregations. The UUA Transitions Office helps to identify where there is mutual interest and on April 2 we will learn if we made a match!

And, if you’re interested in reading our Congregational Record, it is now posted in the password protected members area of the church website. The Congregational Record is a forty some page deep dive into our congregation’s history, culture, staff, finances, religious education, facilities, demographics and perhaps most importantly, what the congregation is looking for in its next settled minister, The Congregational Record is our best effort to tell our congregational story and reflect what we heard from the congregational survey, cottage meetings, focus groups, lay leaders and Rev. Michelle.

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