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Update From Your Ministerial Search Committee

Your Ministerial Search Committee has been hard at work this summer! In addition to having a retreat with our regional transitions coach, Rev. Oscar Sinclair, we have been having frequent meetings to prepare for several upcoming activities that will help our church find our perfect minister. As a reminder, members of the Search Committee were elected at the Annual Meeting in May, and include Kim Dunovan, Diana Byrd, Lita Magisana, Mark Loscutoff, Kate Godfrey, Jessica Eman, Klyde Warren, and Dave Richardson.

Our first important church-wide activity this fall is our Congregational Survey. From August 23 to September 23, the congregation is being asked to participate in a Congregational Survey. Members, friends, and frequent visitors will be sent a link to the survey on August 23rd so that we can begin to collect valuable information on the congregation, our concerns, and our hopes for the future of our church. The information we collect from our Congregational Survey will be valuable for our continued growth as a congregation, as well as aid us in finding our next minister. The survey will be available for several weeks via the link as well as paper copies, though we ask that you fill it out as soon as you are able! If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing or through the MSC website.

The next important activity related to our search for a settled minister will be cottage meetings. These small-group conversations are facilitated by members of the Search Committee and will take place in October. The insight we receive from these meetings will help our committee to develop our church narrative, as well as interview questions for potential ministers.

The last important activity this fall will be the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop on Saturday, November 9 with the Director of the UUA Transitions Office, Rev. Keith Kron. Beyond Categorical Thinking is a facilitated exploration of implicit bias and what preconceived ideas we might have about how a minister should look and act. Attendance at the workshop is required for the search committee, expected of church leadership and strongly encouraged for all of our congregants. In addition to the Saturday workshop, there will be a related worship service on Sunday, November 10.

We are so excited to be on this search journey with each of you, and can’t wait to see where this search leads us!

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