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Chalice  Circles


Chalice Circles are small groups which meet regularly to forge and strengthen interpersonal connections, encourage spiritual growth, and provide open, supportive and nurturing spaces. These groups of 6-8 people are open to members, friends, and interested visitors.

The fall 2022 groups have ended their run. More information about future groups will be shared in the enews.    

What is such a group meant to be?

* A way to deepen our spirituality through a shared practice.

* A way to share our thoughts on life’s big questions.

* A way to connect across age, gender, ethnic, economic and other differences.

* A way to be engaged, included, and heard in a brave, nurturing environment.


* A way to bring together the newer and the long time members in our community.

* A way to deepen our practice of shared UU principles.

* A way to practice service from within a small community. (Groups may choose to do a service project to the church or community together.)

* A way to develop our connections with the rest of the congregation.


What is such a group NOT meant to be?

* A social club, although ties between church members deepen through Chalice Connection Circles.

* A debate society, although many important topics are discussed. Circles focus more on deep listening than argument or advice.

* A support or therapy group, although the atmosphere is positive.

* A worship service, although the meetings and topics may have a strong spiritual tone.

* A rigid template of activities, although there are general guidelines to follow.

* A closed club, although groups must be limited in size to be effective.

What happens during a group session?


• Chalice lighting and a short reading or piece of music.

• Brief check-in. Members briefly share what is going on “beneath the  surface” for them.

• Facilitated discussion on the topic. Short readings generally provide a jumping-off point to explore how the topic connects with one's own life. No advance preparation is required.

• Check-out.  An opportunity to briefly share reactions to the meeting.

• Closing words or music.

What kinds of topics are explored?

A great variety of topics can help participants to grow connections to each other, their own deepest selves, and the wondrous world of which we are a part. Some subjects we are considering for this year include:  Adventure, Making Friends As An Adult, Acceptance, Our Identities, Dealing with Difference, and Endings.


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