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Mystery Friends Sign Up! 


Mystery Friends is a pen pal program intended to create connections at First Unitarian Church between children/youth (K-12th grade) and adults who may not already know each other well. Adults and children will exchange letters for four weeks and then meet up at lunch, where their identities will be revealed.

The deadline to sign up is Fri, April 14, and the program will run April 16 - May 21. On Sunday, April 16, participants can pick up an envelope with their code name and an optional prompt for their first letter. Letters should be delivered to church each Sunday by 10:30am. If you are unable to attend on Sunday, please drop off your letter at church prior to the Sunday it is due. Letters to children should be delivered to the DRE office and will be delivered during Sunday School. Letters to adults should be delivered to the designated table in the Common Room and be picked up during Coffee Hour.

By signing up for the Mystery Friends program, you are committing to sending four letters, one each week: April 23, April 30, May 7, & May 14; and to attend lunch with their Mystery Friend at noon on May 21. 

Letters can contain clues about who you are and other interesting information you want to share with your Mystery Friend. Don’t know what to write? Watch for weekly letter-prompts in your email inbox!

Mystery Friends will be revealed at lunch on May 21 at 12:00pm. Adult/child pairs will sit together for lunch and get to know each other better with some games & discussion questions.

Please sign up for Mystery Friends by filling out the form here:

In the event that we receive more adult commitment forms than we have children to participate, we will match the earliest applicants first (and any unmatched adults will be at the top of the list for matches next year if still interested).

Children/Youth Religious Education Registration
It's time to register your children and youth for our 2022-23 church year! Annual registration ensures that we have up-to-date information about your children and families (contact info, allergies, suggestions or concerns, volunteer availability, etc) and that you will receive information about all child/youth and family programs offered at First Unitarian this year. Please register here:



We Are Hiring Childcare Staff! (up to $14/hr)

Multiple positions available. Commitment is 3-10hrs/week depending on staff availability and church needs. 

The responsibilities of Childcare Staff include:

-Care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers on Sunday mornings, and during other weekend and weekday evening events as needed (some caregiving of elementary-age students may be needed outside of Sunday mornings)

-Maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming childcare room

-Assist Childcare Coordinator with Sunday morning preschool lesson (circle time, craft or activity etc).

Preferred qualifications

-Experience caring for infants, toddlers, & preschoolers

-Experience working with elementary-aged children

-Familiarity with Unitarian Universalism

Requirement: this position must pass a criminal background check.

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