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Promoting Social Justice

What is the Side With Love Social Justice Team?

The Side with Love Team has a mission to create more pathways for members to live our values. This includes civic engagement activities, such as involvement in local, national and international issues.

We intend to continue the success of our UUtheVote project which began in 2020 to increase participation in the democratic process. We are currently working on a “Get Out the Vote” postcard project for this Fall. We are also anticipating First Unitarian’s adoption of a public stance in support of Reproductive Justice.

The UUtheVote group will endorse socially responsible ballot issues or oppose ballot issues which are antithetical to our principles such as voter suppression proposals.

Mindful of our status as a Welcoming Congregation, and the overwhelming congregational vote in support of Black Lives Matter, the Side with Love Team is also focusing on anti-racism and equity for LGBTQIA+ people, with a deep commitment to hold ourselves accountable to the marginalized communities who are most adversely affected by the current systems we are working to change. Our Side with Love team is part of a denomination-wide Side with Love campaign to organize and elevate the voice of UUs across the country to build more just, democratic and sustainable communities. (Go here to learn more about the national campaign The Side with Love Team intends to be a vehicle to promote awareness, as well as offering a mix of study and action, around the issues our church community is most passionate about. Action may include letter writing, lobbying, testifying at legislative hearings and participating in public demonstrations.

First Unitarian’s 501(c)(3) status allows member participation in non-partisan, issue-related activities, as long as we don’t engage in any type of political campaigning for candidates. While church policy permits the team to take positions on its own behalf, the Side with Love Team will take care not to speak about any issue in the name of First Unitarian Church, unless the congregation has voted to take a public stand in accordance with our church bylaws.

How to get involved:

Please contact

A ballot initiative to amend the Nebraska constitution to mandate photo IDs to vote will be on the November 8th ballot. This measure is a voter suppression proposal.  Click here for more information about the ballot initiative and talking points you can use to email, text and phone family and friends to encourage them to VOTE NO ON VOTER ID!

Let's Get Out the Vote! 
This is an invitation to help out with a "Postcard Preparation Party" (gotta love alliteration.).  The UUtheVote team will be working on attaching name labels and stamps to prepared postcards on Sunday, October 9 right after the service in the Whitney Young Room. These cards will go out to members as part of our "Get Out the Vote" efforts.

Questions? Contact Linda Hess or Dave Richardson.