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Sarah Joslyn Society 

The Sarah Joslyn Society, our Planned Giving Program, encourages people to leave bequests to First Unitarian Church of Omaha. A bequest is simply making the Church a beneficiary in a will or in a life insurance policy.  Your leaving of a bequest expresses unequivocally the belief that the Church building and the Church community will be here and that future congregations will enjoy it as we do.



In 2004, the Sarah Joslyn Society, the brainchild of Dixie Lemon, was born. As the legend goes, Dixie was a new member of the Capital Trust Fund Committee, which grows from investments and from donations and bequests  At that time, it had about $312,000, which didn't impress Dixie as an enormous cushion upon which the church could rest. Being her inquisitive self, she asked the Finance Team if anyone had tried to encourage members and friends to consider the church in their estate planning. The  succinct answer was, " No, do you want to do that?"  And thus the Sarah Joslyn Society came into being, named after an early and famous benefactress.


Over the ensuing years Dixie's gentle prods, witty articles and pithy sayings ("You'll never miss the money!") have helped the membership grow from 32 original members to more than 75 who have named the church in their estate planning.  That original  $312,000 has more than doubled,  thanks to those who have chosen to "plant a tree so that others might enjoy the shade." 


Sarah Joslyn Society members receive a beautiful plaque made from an original slate tile from the church roof which was procured by Dean Christensen and painted by Sandi Bruns.  For many years members of the society gathered to celebrate our current members and welcome new ones. We hope to have another celebration in the fall of 2024.



If you are interested in learning more, please contact John Wagner at

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