Ways You Can Help

Share the Plate: June

This month’s recipient is Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).  The United States’ largest organization for parents, families, friends, and allies united with people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ). Donations can be made directly to this organization. Go here: http://pflag-omaha.org/join/

Please use option # 2. Give an online donation (enter the amount, then click the "Add to Cart" button). 


Greeters: Your Help Needed! 

Now that we're back in person on Sundays, we need greeters to help welcome folks to the church. A handy checklist will be available for you.


Ready to help? Need more info?

Contact our Member Coordinator, Melissa Gibson, at coordinator@firstuuomaha.org.


Sunday Morning Tech Crew


We are looking for more in-sanctuary techies for Sunday mornings. Our tech team has done a fantastic job making the process easy and intuitive.


Eager to help our Tech Team or want to learn more? You can reach out to Stef Lewis (srodriguez.srr@gmail.com), who is lining people up to shadow experienced techies and learn the ropes. A checklist is ready for you, and video training will soon be available as well.

Sister Church Food Pantry

Each month, volunteers are donating food or helping at the food pantry. There are special requests and procedures.


Go here for more info: www.firstuuomaha.org/sisterchurch

YES Meal Prep: Volunteers and Donations Needed for July 1st

Every month our YES (Youth Emergency Services) Meal Team prepares a meal in the church kitchen and then delivers the food to YES. Kim Callaghan is still looking for helpers for our July meal prep. We will meet in the kitchen at 9am on Friday, July 1st. We're also collecting things including fresh fruit, or fruit cups, desserts, cases of water or Gatorade, paper or plastic plates, napkins and silverware. If you can help or donate, please email Kim at kjcallaghan@hotmail.com.

Go here to learn more about YES: https://www.yesomaha.org/

Refugee Family Needs a Car

As our Afghan family's world gets a bit larger and more involved (summer school, English language classes, searching for jobs, getting jobs, medical appointments, legal appointments - don't forget grocery shopping!), the need for an automobile (or two) becomes more and more apparent and important. The mentor group is asking all of our friends at First and Second Unitarian Churches to keep this need in mind and let us know if anyone knows of a car available for donation or for a reasonable purchase. All ideas, assistance and information can be sent to AfghanRefugeeProject@firstuuomaha.org. Thanks for helping us in our search!


WHAT IS A WELCOMING CONGREGATION? The Welcoming Congregation program was launched by the UUA in the 1990’s to address homophobia and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people within the denomination and the broader community. 
WE ARE A WELCOMING CONGREGATION! In 2003, First Unitarian Church of Omaha proudly became an officially recognized UUA Welcoming Congregation, committing ourselves to work hard to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are full members of our faith community. 
WELCOMING CONGREGATION RENEWAL: The UUA is challenging congregations to a process of Welcome Renewal, recommitting to our original pledge, highlighting for new members what it means to be a Welcoming Congregation and learning more about the current needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ people in our church and the broader community. And the UUA is hoping congregations make Welcome Renewal an annual commitment by embedding this process into our yearly planning. 
COME BE A PART OF OUR WELCOME RENEWAL: The Side With Love Team is the initial activator but success requires a diverse team of all genders, sexual orientation, ages, cultural and racial groups, to engage the congregation in this process of Welcome Renewal. Email the team at sidewithlove@firstuuomaha.org to express your interest in Welcome Renewal, or join us at the next Side With Love zoom meeting!
Next Side With Love Social Action Team Meeting: Sunday, July 10, 4:30pm on Zoom.

Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/93009580832


Pride Parade 2022

The Heartland Pride Parade is scheduled for Saturday, July 16 at 10am in the Old Market. Click here for details. First and Second Unitarian Churches will join together this year in the parade as we have in the past. If you're interested in taking part, please contact Telia at t.marie686@gmail.com or (402) 609-8482 (text/call/leave a message). We look forward to another strong year of support! More info will be shared soon.

Digital Strategy Team Forming Now

This team will assist with website review, strategies for video, and with the future of our digital outreach. An ideal candidate for this team would be someone who has experience with website design, video experience, and marketing. A past website team from 2015 created a proposal and other materials this new team could review. A special webinar and notes are available to get this team started. If you're interested in being on this team OR if you know a church member or friend to assist with this, please email the church office at admin@firstuuomaha.org.

Are you a Church Member Who is Attending General Assembly?

Every year, our church is allotted five special delegate certifications to give out to church members to take part in GA (General Assembly). The delegates can attend virtually and will vote at the business meetings held by the UUA. GA is scheduled for June 22 - 26, 2022 online or in-person in Portland, Oregon. Click here for more information, including cost and time commitment.  If you’re a church member and would like to act as a delegate this year or you have questions about it, please email MTC@firstuuomaha.org as soon as possible.

KIOS Campaign in June—Donations

This June, First Unitarian members and friends are asked to bundle our contributions to KIOS, Omaha Public Radio, for underwriting our ad campaign. This past year, you will have heard our ad during Morning Edition and All Things Considered on weekdays, and Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me and Live From Here on Saturdays.  We support the outstanding programming and reporting on KIOS, and in return we reach out to our community with our message of rationality, cherishing spirituality and celebrating diversity. Donations will be collected during the month of June.  Please place your check made out to First Unitarian Church--with KIOS in the memo line--in the offering plate, mail it to the church office, or give the check to Jean Wagner. 


The church office needs your help! Like to proofread? Want to volunteer but don't have the time to actually come to church? This volunteer job can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Church admin needs help proofing blog content, annual reports, and other publications. If interested, please email Cat at admin@firstuuomaha.org. This is a FLEXIBLE volunteer position.


For those who are interested in helping Ukrainians and unsure what to do, Rev. Woodbury shares the following options:

  • The International Convocation of UU Women is raising funds on the UU Faithify platform, to  provide immediate aid (transportation, shelter, food, supplies, counseling) to families fleeing war in Ukraine through the Hungarian Unitarian Church. This Faithify campaign is here.

  • Both Ukrainians and colleagues in Romania have recommended donating to Ukrainian charity Caritas; North Americans can do so at this link, and use the currency drop-down to choose US dollars.

  • The UU Service Committee offers a human rights perspective on Russia's invasion, highlights trustworthy NGOs, and will use current donations to its Emergency Response Fund to protect the human rights of Ukrainian refugees. You can find all that here.

  • For some perspective on the Ukraine situation -- and how our Unitarian cousins in neighboring Romania are affected by Russia's invasion -- you can read a letter from a group of North American UU ministers, including Rev. Shari, who participated in a Transylvania pilgrimage a few years ago with Unitarian colleagues there. The letter is posted on our minister's personal Facebook wall as a public post, meaning you do not have to have a Facebook profile to be able to see it -- that's here.