Ways You Can Help

Helpers for First U

We are inundated with offers of help and caring in these stressful times! We have close to 30 individuals ready and willing to help with deliveries, calls, greeting cards and even an offer to provide humorous online conversations! 

What we need now is to know who would like help and to identify those in need. If you are a member or friend of First Unitarian Church:

Would you appreciate a phone call just to chat or for a brief check in? Are your supplies running low and you don't have transportation? Are you just feeling stressed and would like to hear from another member?  

We can help you with all of this, just please reach out to MTC@firstuuomaha.org and we will contact you.

If you are someone who wants to sign up to help others, please email MTC@firstuuomaha.org.

**Please understand that even with our volunteers stepping up, we cannot respond to urgent needs. 


We have so much to be grateful for in our loving and caring church community. We can get through this and so much more together. Thank you. 

Sister Church Food Pantry

Each month, volunteers are donating food or helping at the food pantry. There are special procedures. Go here for info: www.firstuuomaha.org/sisterchurch

YES Meal Prep  

As of right now, YES (Youth Emergency Shelter) is requesting no meal preps done by church groups for safety. As soon as we are back up and operating normally, we will inform the congregation. 

Writers Needed for new church publication, Chalice Connection

Do you have an idea for an article for this new quarterly publication?  Do you take photos at church and want a place to share them? Are you interested in interviewing church members or staff? Do you write poetry? Do you have an amazing recipe that people keep asking about? Do you have an important issue that you’re passionate about? If so, please contact the church office at  admin@firstuuomaha.org with ideas, articles, and suggestions, etc. 
Our third issue will come out October 2020. The deadline for articles is 9/1/2020. Submit to admin@firstuuomaha.org. Word count limit: 1,000 words. If your plan involves a longer piece, please contact the office.

Notes: 1. Articles will be approved by the Editor, the Office Team, and in some cases in conjunction with the staff and MTC.  2. All articles will be subject to editing. 3. Articles must comply with the First  Unitarian Communications Policy. More information can be obtained by  emailing the church office.  


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