Right Relations Committee

Little hurts

like little drops of rain




erode the strongest trust



at a time.

by cpc


Why does Right Relations exist?

 Our congregation adopted a Right Relations Covenant (click here) and chose to create a Right Relations Committee because we recognized a need. First Unitarian Church believes that people matter. Feelings matter. If one person is hurting, then we all are hurting. If one person is empowered, we are all empowered.


Who we are not:

We are not “behavior police” who monitor our congregation. We are not “do-gooders” who wring our hands and implore everyone to get along and be nice. We are not a sounding board for gossip or generalized complaining.


Who we are:

We are church members elected by our congregation who recognize that hurts lead to resentments. People matter. We exist to listen to and engage with individuals who have experienced conflict, oppression, or hurt feelings. We provide resources, educational opportunities, and workshops to grow as individuals and as a community.


How to reach us and what to expect:

You can contact us at RRC@firstuuomaha.org. Members can also reach out to any of us in person, by phone or email, through messenger, or however they feel comfortable. It is our goal to respond within 72 hours.


RRC is a work in progress and we are still in the process of establishing guidelines. We promise to give you space. We will listen to you. We will respect you. We will love you. Whatever you say to us will be held in strict confidence Our goal is to work with you to find a meaningful solution.


“We need not think alike to love alike”

John Wesley

Right Relations Team Members: Della Bynum, Carol Cronin, Douglas Lee-Regier