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The Green Team

Our Mission is to help First Unitarian Church of Omaha become more energy efficient and reduce its carbon footprint to reflect our values and be an example within our Omaha community.

Sandra Burns AMAZING Green Team Logo here, which will become shirts, bags, and whatever else sometime in the future to be sold as a fundraiser (Katrina has seen a sketch and thinks it may be one of Sandra's best pieces of work so far). This is assuming the board is game, but they will be when they see the logo.

Meet The Team


Walt Jesteadt

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Walt is the church's treasurer and is passionate about making our church green without breaking the bank. He helps get us the fundraising we need for our projects.

Mark Loscutoff 5-12-22 (1).JPG

Mark Loscutoff

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Mark is an energy auditor by trade and is willing to put a 5-10 year plan on how to get our church energy efficient. Chances are, whatever you are passionate about is somewhere in the program, and you can still be in charge of it! He is also known as the "thermostat guy." Why? One can do many small things to help the church, and he finds them! Have an hour or two to spare and want a project you can own and be proud of? Ask him what to do!

9.30.2018 Lois Norris.jpg

Lois Norris

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Lois is an essential part of any and every team. She steps up when others don't and is a solid positive energy that often ignites others who take credit for her inspiration. Her role in the green team is...

Jack Round.jpg

Jack Round

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Katrina doesn't know what Jack does, but there should be a sentence here about it. Jack Round is in charge of the church's building and grounds and is head of the solar panel project. His passion and drive have led many at First Unitarian Church to believe that solar panels are a doable and exciting project that we can accomplish.

Sandi Bruns.jpeg

Sandi Burns

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Acclaimed visual artist Sandi Burns created the green team's logo. She was also a member of First Unitarian Church's original Green Sanctuary team and has shared insights from her experience.

Kay Lynn.jpg

Kay Lynn Goldner

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Kay Lynn takes charge and tends to do many things in the background that make events and groups run smoothly. She doesn't have to be asked and hardly ever gets the credit. But not here! Her role in the green team is...

head shot.jpg

Katrina Schmidt

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Katrina has experience in web administration, digital marketing, fundraising, and the arts. She stepped up to be the Green Team's marketing guru and co-coordinator because when it comes to People, Planet, and Profit, she feels this role is a home run by helping the planet, being a part of saving First Unitarian Church money long-term, and taking a burden off of Cat Dixon who typically steps in as every team's marketing director.

Elaine Wells.jpg

Elaine Wells

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Elaine became deeply committed to the environment in 2008, after hearing a Holland Lecture by Dr. Henry Pollack, who said that global warming required immediate remedial action.
She was on the committee that earned the Green Sanctuary designation for our church.  She worked with both Nebraskans for Peace and OTOC (Omaha Together One Community), to move OPPD away from coal-fired plants and to more renewable energy.  Also on the planning team of Elders for the Earth, she has many connections with the environmental community.  “There are literally more than 100 ways to REVERSE global warming, and I’m excited about helping our congregation to practice some of them, because climate change is going to affect every person and creature on our mother Earth.”  


Della Gushen

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Della uses dance to uplift and inspire others and knows the importance of keeping our planet healthy for years to come. She has volunteered to...

9.30.2018 Bob Perrin as Alan McDonald.jpg

Bob Perrin

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Architect and visionary Bob Perrin has been an instrumental advisor in helping team members preserve the history of our building while pursuing projects such as the solar panel project. 

Peg Pidgeon

Peg Pidgeon

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Peg Pidgeon was a previous social justice coordinator at First Unitarian Church. She takes on large projects and, once given permission, doesn't stop. She's a force for good and has committed to doing such and such for the Green Team.


Stuart Shell

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FYI to anyone -- I do not forget him and others, but some people should go on a separate solar panel team page.


Nellie Chenoweth

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Nellie is an energetic and positive force for good that knows how to get people ready for action! She wants to see the planet healthy for generations to come. Her role in the green team is... 

Mike McAtee.jpg

Michael McAtee

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Michael McAtee brought Soul Matters to First Unitarian Church and blesses people with his spirituality. His role in the green team is...


Ian Shanklin

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Ian has long been essential to the church's RE program and is currently a board member. As a lifelong Unitarian, he's always honored the web of life and has volunteered to be the Green Team coordinator. 


Lin Thompson

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Lin is more than just a puppeteer, her latest role at First Unitarian Church of Omaha, she is also a long-time advocate for environmental justice. Her role in the green team is... 

Bob Bosco.png

Bob Bosco

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Artist Bob Bosco has been a part of numerous projects to promote environmental justice. His immense talent in the visual arts is only outweighed by his willingness to use his art as a force for good. His role in the green team is...

Carol Ramsey board member_edited.jpg

Carol Ramsey

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Carol has a way of connecting with people that are hard for others to understand. Her love of people shines in her personal and public life as she advocates for equality. Her commitment to the planet has led her to the role of such and such in the green team.

Chuch Choir


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Logan is a choir member and too young for Facebook, so Katrina can't snag his photo off of there and can't find him on Instagram either! She also really only knows that he is a great singer and that his role in the green team is...

Image by kevin Xue


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Many people are doing things that are helping the effort, and we want to remember to give them credit.



Want to help? Here is a list of projects in the works or ready to be explored. Do you have thoughts or expertise in any of these areas? If so, please get in touch with for more information or to volunteer to lead a project. Also, please see Interfaith, Power, and Light and Cool Congregations for further inspiration. More projects are encouraged and welcomed because they are probably a part of the "plan" Mark Losciotuff is putting together already and we want people to take ownership and pride in their respective parts!

Grant Applications

We have found several grant options that we could apply for and need people to volunteer to apply for them. 

Grant Writing.jfif


We have many places within the building that require more insulation. We need people to evaluate, take pictures, and develop a plan to implement.

Insulation Installation

Lighting Upgrades

Having motion sensor lights may be an option to increase energy efficiency.

Light Bulb


Windows are not appropriately sealed, and storm windows may be added to improve energy efficiency. We also have one plexiglass window that needs to be replaced. This may be in progress and need more information and someone to research the situation.

Window Insulation

Solar Panels

Jack Round is leading the efforts with the support of numerous people to see the church get solar panels.

Jack Round.jpg

Re-education Campaign

Every member can do things that help the building to be more energy efficient such as turning off the heat, lights, and making sure doors are completely shut. 

Blue Nails on Green
Solar Panels on Rooftop

What Can You Do Personally?     

  • Get an energy audit for your home and apply changes (Occasionally High Country Conservation Center runs promos to get a free audit).

  • Turn down the heat

  • Turn off lights

  • Install motion detector lights.

  • Contact Katrina Schmidt to add your thoughts to this list.


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