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The Green Team

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Our Mission is to help First Unitarian Church of Omaha become more energy efficient and reduce its carbon footprint to reflect our values and be an example within our Omaha community.


The Green Team collects environmentally conscious individuals in one place. We reduce paper goods by volunteering to do dishes for events. Various leads move forward on green projects, send our team relevant information, ask for help, and call for action through our email at

Meet Some Team Members
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Want to Do More?

Want to help? Below is a list of projects in the works and team leads. Do you have a new plan to add to the list? If so, please get in touch with for more information or to volunteer to help with an existing project. Also, please see Interfaith, Power, and Light and Cool Congregations for inspiration. More projects are always encouraged and welcomed because we want people to take ownership and pride in their respective parts!

Five to Ten Year Church Plan

Mark Loscutoff is working on an overall plan to present to the board that will make the church green in increments.

Mark Loscutoff 5-12-22 (1).JPG

Earth Day Art Installation

Bob Bosco is a world-renowned visual artist focusing on painting, drawing, and color theory. Through his art, he inspires environmental justice and installed his first Earth Day in the First Unitarian gallery this year. 

Bob Bosco.png

Solar Panels

Jack Round is leading the efforts with the support of numerous people to see the church get solar panels.

Jack Round.jpg
Solar Panels on Rooftop

What Can You Do Personally?     

  • Get an energy audit for your home and apply changes (Talk to Mark Loscutoff for more information).

  • Turn down the heat

  • Turn off lights

  • Install motion detector lights.

  • Contact Katrina Schmidt to add your thoughts to this list.


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