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Becoming a Member


What it Means to be a Member

The meaning of membership is different for every individual. It may be that you’re choosing to support the presence of free religion. It may mean your membership means deeper recognition that you have found a spiritual home. It may be that you are choosing to add your name in support of the kind of religious education your children are receiving here, or of the social justice programs we are creating together. It is likely that the meaning of membership will change and expand for you over the years.

As a member, we ask you for the following:

  • Presence – Attend church services and programming, as you are able.

  • Participation – Get involved in the life of our community in ways that grow your soul. All members are asked to serve on a Hospitality Team to assist with Sunday services six times a year by greeting visitors, ushering and providing refreshments after services.

  • Pledging – All members are required to make and pay a regular pledge of financial support.

  • Passing it on – Share your pride in our religious community by talking to people about our church and what it means to you!+

Sunday Services


10:30 a.m. service with children gathering in the sanctuary and then leaving for Sunday School together. 

Ready to Become a Member?

Contact our Membership Coordinator Melissa Gibson at 

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