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Why the Side with Love Team opposes the Voter ID ballot measure


•   Nebraska’s elections are already secure and efficient. There is no problem to fix, yet the proposed constitutional amendment to restrict voting is estimated to initially cost nearly $3 million to implement and $1 million annually to enforce.

•   The proposed constitutional amendment would make early voting by mail more difficult.

•   The proposed constitutional amendment makes it harder for everyone to vote, and especially impacts person’s with disabilities, the elderly and voters in rural counties with greater distances to travel, less reliable broadband and DMV’s with limited hours of operation.

(Source Civic Nebraska


What You Can Do: Polling consistently shows that friends and family are the most trusted sources of information. Use these talking points to email, text and phone friends and family and encourage them to Decline To Sign these voter restriction petitions.

Talking points provided by Diverse Women Lifting Our Voices        

·       There is NO Nebraska voter fraud problem to fix 

·       Photo Voter IDs will cost Nebraskans millions of dollars

·       Photo Voter ID laws present major obstacles for absentee voters, including those who vote by mail, students and young voters, and deployed military voters

·       Photo Voter ID laws often restrict the right to vote for seniors, Black and brown voters, people with disabilities, lower income families, and rural communities

Supporting Organizations: ACLU, Black Voters Matter, Civic Nebraska, League of Women Voters, Nebraska Appleseed, Nebraska Poor Peoples Campaign, Nebraskans for Free and Fair Elections

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