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Time to Celebrate a Wildly Successful Auction!!

Thank you generous donors, enthusiastic bidders, and supportive volunteers!  Our first in-person auction in 3 years was a success by all measures:  lots of on-line pre-bidding, near record attendance (about 100 people in the church), pot-luck tables full of food (then picked clean), lots of clever costumes AND 120+ auction items that raised $9,870 for the church (once auction bills are paid)!!

Costume winners were: 
Fiend’s Favorite: Eilah Shanklin
Punniest: Katrina Schmidt
Monster: Quinn Shanklin. 

We bill post auction, first via email, then by paper if that doesn’t work.  If you were a donor or bidder, please check your email (including spam folder), as bills and donor receipts have been sent.

To pay your bill: 

1) mail a check to church with “HH auction” in the memo line;

2) Click here to pay by CC on our church website (please include fees if you can); or

3) drop in offering plate labeled for auction on Sundays at church. 

Questions on anything auction related:  email or call Donna Neff

Again—thank you to the many people who make this happen.  Apparently, we were ready to party and support our church!

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