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Women's Alliance Heritage Speakers

The Women's Alliance is celebrating our First Unitarian Church Anniversary Year! Instead of inviting outside speakers to the group we are taking the time this year to hear from church elders for our programming.  This is part of an effort to better understand where we've been and where we are going together. We ask our congregation to remember: "What's past is prologue" and will set the scene for important work to come.  Join us as we celebrate our beloved community through the years in the hopes of creating new opportunities for tomorrow.

October Heritage Speaker:  Eddith Buis, a member since the 1950s, speaks about challenges through the ages. As past head of the Youth RE program, she recalls a time when there were more than 100 children enrolled in our church youth program. All that changed after Rev. Vester "Van" Vanstrom took a strong stance against the Vietnam War.

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