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Quilt Showing at First Unitarian Church of Omaha--June 8-9, 2019

On Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9 in the church sanctuary, the Heritage Task Force displayed the 1898 Quilt which was constructed as a fundraiser by the Women's Alliance 121 years ago. The quilt was recovered and restored in 2013. The quilt is constructed of squares purchased by members and local businesses in 1898 and bears the names of famous church members such as Sarah and George Joslyn, Reverend Newton Mann and Rowena Morse, in addition to local Omaha businesses of the period. The quilt is a remarkable record of late 19th century Omaha commerce and culture.  This historical quilt hangs in the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. As part of our Heritage Celebration, the Quilt Museum allowed us to display it the weekend of June 8-9 in our sanctuary.  A reception and slide show in the Common Room provided a closer look at the names on the quilt.

The 1898 quilt was joined by the recently constructed 2019 quilt which is a contemporary replica featuring squares signed by current members. This new quilt was created by Women's Alliance members Barb Dewell and Nancy Scott. The new quilt will be kept hanging in the Common Room for a few more weeks. Be sure to come to Coffee Hour this Sunday to see the new quilt! 

Thanks to the quilters and the Heritage Task Force for making this event possible.

1898 quilt.png
Quilt 1898.png
quilt photo june 2019.jpg
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