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Hello again! 

This page is for former church members or friends who have moved away or become too busy to attend church services. We have not forgotten you! The door is always open to past friends and members and anyone interested in a church and community where you can explore your own beliefs. First Unitarian Church of Omaha holds many fond memories for people across the country. Some of you raised your children in the church. Others were little kids in the nursery and Sunday school or participated in the youth group. Still others, moving due to the military or other reasons, only passed through for a short time, but deep connections and the beauty of the sanctuary have remained in your heart. No matter how you found First Unitarian or why you left, we encourage you to keep in touch. This page will highlight events and interesting tidbits that we thought you would want to know about. 

Online Services 

Not in town anymore? That's okay!  Join us on YouTube this Sunday at 10:30am.

Click here to see what's coming up on future Sundays.

View our Youtube page here to watch our recorded and streamed services. 


Weaving Pieces of Omaha's History

In June 2019, First Unitarian Church displayed two quilts. These are their stories: 


The first quilt was constructed of squares purchased by members and local businesses in 1898 and bears the names of famous church members such as Sarah and George Joslyn, Reverend Newton Mann and Rowena Morse, in addition to local Omaha businesses of the period. The quilt is a remarkable record of late 19th century Omaha commerce and culture.  This historical quilt hangs in the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. As part of our Heritage Celebration, the Quilt Museum allowed us to display it the weekend of June 8-9 in our sanctuary.  A reception and slide show in the Common Room provided a closer look at the names on the quilt. Click here to see more information about this historic quilt. 

The 1898 quilt was joined by the recently constructed 2019 quilt which is a contemporary replica featuring squares signed by current members. This new quilt was created by Women's Alliance members Barb Dewell and Nancy Scott to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the church building and the 150th anniversary of the congregation. The new quilt  was kept hanging at the church for a whole month. You can learn more about our year-long celebration by clicking here

quilt photo june 2019.jpg

Pillars & Dreams

A recently published congregational history, PILLARS & DREAMS: A History of the First Unitarian Church of Omaha was written by church archivist, Dave Richardson. The cover features a striking painting by noted local artist Allan Tubach.  The 138-page book is a documentary history and contains anecdotal material from the 150-years of our existence.  Several noted Omahans were members of First Unitarian—such as George and Sarah Joslyn, Civil Rights leader Whitney Young and philanthropist Dick Holland. The narrative also features many connections to local and national history. 


This story of the First Unitarian Church of Omaha has several hundred historical photographs and other images.  Selling for $25, copies are available from First Unitarian Church of Omaha. Mail your check made out to the church to 3114 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68131 or call the church office at 402-345-3039 ext. 101 or email

Pillars and dreams.jpg

A Place to Share Memories 

We have created a place for you to share memories of your time at First Unitarian Church of Omaha. Once we've collected some memories, we will create a special blog page which you will be able to access from this alumni page. We’d love to hear from you especially if you live too far away or are too busy to visit us. If you have a longer memory to share, please email the church office at


Please share your memory below. 

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