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Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Attention Stuffed Animal Friends

of Nursery-12th grade UUs:

You are invited to send one (1) of your inanimate 

fuzzy household members to participate in a 

Back-to-Church Stuffed Animal Sleepover


This is a sacred mission to re-connect your human

companion to the building, community, and traditions

they have been missing during the human coronavirus

pandemic of the modern human year 2020. As you consider which among you will fulfill this historic journey, please take care not to send any friend your human companion cannot sleep without, as this is a multi-day event and you may be required to quarantine upon your return to the family home. In preparation for this your departure, please take a photo together in a favorite space at home.


To register for the event, please email photographs and names of human and stuffed animal friend to or text to 402-285-4349. 


Please arrive prior to the event in a paper or plastic grocery bag labeled with your name and your human's name. You can be dropped off at the Stuffed Animal Sleepover check-in table on Saturday, September 12th during the Community Caravan, or between 9am and 2pm on Tuesday, Sept 15th (or any time prior to Tues 9pm if your human has a key fob and can place you just inside the garden-side door). If your human is unable to bring you to check-in for the event, please email or text a ride request prior to Saturday, Sept 12 and arrangements will be made for your transportation. Photographs of your church activities will be sent to your human family throughout the evenings on Wed Sept 16 and Thurs Sept 17, and you may be picked up from church on Fri Sept 17th between 9am and 2pm or by key fob checkout any time thereafter.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover Schedule

Sept 12th 11am-12:30pm: Check in at Stuffed Animal Sleepover Drop Off Station during the  Community Caravan

Sept 15th: Check-in with Cat 9am-2pm (9pm deadline for key-fob check-in).

Sept 16th 9am: Stuffies released from pre-event quarantine and the party begins!

Sept 16th 3pm-7pm: event photos sent to families

Sept 17th 3pm-7pm: event photos sent to families

Sept 18th 9am-2pm: Stuffed Animal pickup (for keyfob check-out, animals will be by front door)

Late September: Photos shared during Sunday service


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