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Revival of Newton Mann: Superstar!

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Thank you to the cast and crew for producing Newton Mann, Superstar! at church on August 24, 2019. Please congratulate the cast and crew as you see them out and about!


Cast List:

  • Newton Mann- Ben Stallings

  • Mrs. Mann- Peg Pidgeon

  • Baptist #1- David Rosser

  • Baptist #2- Geoff Chenoweth

  • Baptist #3- Nathan Smith

  • New Member- Jen Dillon

  • Director- Catherine Plumlee

  • Eliza Mann- Carol Cronin

  • Historian- Dave Richardson

  • Trustees- Juan Alcazar, Geoff Chenoweth, Mike McAtee, Roman Noriega, Dave Rosser, Stephen Switzer, Nathan Smith

  • Women’s Alliance- Catherine Plumlee, Mary Kay Peters, Maria McIntosh, Rosharra Owens, Della Bynum, Peg Pidgeon, Lily McEvoy

  • Rowena Mann- Maria Wallace

  • Aimee Semple McPherson- Katrina Schmidt



Superstar Band:

  • Skip Ciulla, Lloyd Olson, Amy Lucas


Super Techs:

  • Stage Manager- Lily McEvoy

  • Production Assistant- Neva Cozine

  • Costumes- Kim Callaghan

  • Sound- Charlie McMahon

  • Tech Goddess Extraordinaire- Nellie Chenoweth

  • Front of House Manager- Carolyn McNamara

  • Publicity- Cat Dixon & Carolyn McNamara

photos by Bob Hess

Newton Mann 2019 photo 9.jpg
Newton Mann 8.24.2019 Flyer .jpg
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