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Notice of the Annual Congregational Meeting

The 155th Annual Congregational Meeting of First Unitarian Church of Omaha will take place in person only on Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 10:30am in place of the regular Sunday service.

Eligible voting members* of the church will adopt an operating budget for the 2024-2025 church year; elect a President, President-elect, members of the Board of Trustees, Right Relations Committee members, Nominating Committee members and Trustee of the Trust Fund; consider reports from church leaders and celebrate our annual awards winners. And we will vote in a straw poll to guide our General Assembly delegates about the Article II proposal.

*Individuals are eligible to vote who have been members of the church for at least three months and have made a financial contribution in their name to the church between April 5, 2023 and April 5, 2024.



Board of Trustees 

(Letter sent to all church members on 4/5/2024)

YouTube page for livestream:

(Then click on the livestream for that day's date--use YouTube to view the meeting)


Religious Education this Sunday: Children will go directly to their classrooms this week. There will be no Story for All Ages because of the meeting. 


President: Douglas Lee-Regier


President-Elect: Sheri Conner


Board of Trustees:

Kim Dunovan – 3 years

Mark Loscutoff – 3 years

Diana Byrd – 1 year

Frank Wagner – 1 year


Nominating Committee:


Sarah Copeland – 3 years

Jessica Eman – 3 years

Carol Ramsey – 1 year


Right Relations Committee:


Kay Lynn Goldner – 2 years

Elaine Wells – 2 years


Capital Trust: Tim Duggan

To learn more about these leadership positions, visit this webpage:

Slate presented by the Nominating Committee: Terri Lynn Brewer, Diana Byrd, Walt Jesteadt,  Linda Parker, Carol Ramsey, Dave Richardson


The One Hundred Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting :  First Unitarian Church of Omaha

May 5, 2024 at 10:30 a.m. in-person


1.      Call to order and Confirmation of Covenant of Right Relations: Mark Loscutoff, President

2.      Confirmation of Quorum: Diana Byrd, Secretary

3.      Appointment of Parliamentarian (G. David Richardson): Mark Loscutoff

4.      Approval of Minutes of 154th Annual Meeting (May 21, 2023)

5.      Approval of Minutes of Special Congregational Meeting (September 10, 2023)

6.      Annual Reports: the authors will take questions from the floor regarding annual reports as printed in the meeting book, including those of the Minister, President, Ministry Team Council, Lifespan Director of Religious Education, Trustees of the Capital Trust Fund, and all team and committee reports.

7.      Presentation for vote: Proposed 2024-2025 Budget: Walt Jesteadt, Treasurer.

8.      Straw poll to guide our General Assembly delegates on the question of whether the Unitarian Universalist Association should adopt the changes to Article II of the Bylaws that have been proposed by the Article II Study Commission.

9.      Elections (Nominees selected by the Nominating Committee are listed after each position)

a.      President: Douglas Lee-Regier

b.      President Elect: Sheri Conner

c.      Board of Trustees: Kimberly Dunovan, Mark Loscutoff, Diana Byrd, Frank Wagner

d.      Right Relations: Kay Lynn Goldner, Elaine Wells

e.      Nominating Committee: Sarah Copeland, Jessica Eman, Carol Ramsey

f.       Capital Trust: Tim Duggan

10.   Recognition of Completion of Terms: Mark Loscutoff

11.   Volunteer Recognition: Nominating Committee

12.   Adjourn: Douglas Lee-Regier

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