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Notice of the Annual Congregational Meeting


The 153rd Annual Congregational Meeting of First Unitarian Church of Omaha  will take place in person and online via Zoom on Sunday, May 15 at 10:30am in place of the regular Sunday service.

Eligible voting members* of the church will adopt an operating budget for the 2022-2023 church year; elect a            President-elect, members of the Board of Trustees, Trustees of the Trust Fund, Right Relations Committee members  and Nominating Committee members; hear select reports from church leaders and celebrate our annual awards winners.
We encourage your participation whether you attend online or in person.  If you need assistance with Zoom, please email
*Individuals are eligible to vote who have been members of the church for at least three months and have made a financial contribution in their name to the church between April 15, 2021 and April 15, 2022.


Board of Trustees First Unitarian Church of Omaha

(Letter sent to all church members on 4/6/2022)


President Elect:

Mark Loscutoff

Board of Trustees: Three Slots

Barb Herring

Ian Shanklin

John Hruska 

Right Relations:

Kay Lynn Goldner

Elaine Wells

Nominating Committee:

Ed Kelly

Linda Parker

Capital Trust:

Jennifer Larsen

John Wagner

To learn more about these leadership positions, visit this webpage:

Slate presented by the Nominating Committee:

Terri Lynn Brewer, Diana Byrd, Nellie Chenoweth, Mary Kay Peters, Katrina Schmidt, and Sara Switzer


The One Hundred Fifty-Third Annual Meeting

First Unitarian Church of Omaha

May 15, 2022



1. Call to Order and Confirmation of Covenant of Right Relations: Catherine Plumlee, President


2. Confirmation of Quorum:  Bruce Godfrey, Secretary


3. Zoom Meeting Housekeeping: Catherine Plumlee


4. Appointment of Parliamentarian (G. David Richardson): Catherine Plumlee


5. Approval of Minutes of 152nd Annual meeting (May 16, 2021)


6. Approval of Minutes of Mid-Year meeting (January 9, 2022)


7. Annual Reports Take questions from the floor regarding any and all annual reports as printed in the meeting book, including those of the Minister, President, Ministry Team Council, Director of Religious Education, Trustees of the Capital Trust Fund, and all team and committee reports.


8. Presentation & Adoption of Proposed 2022-2023 Budget:   Walt Jesteadt, Treasurer


9. Elections 


President Elect: Mark Loscutoff

Board of Trustees: Barb Herring (3 years), Ian Shanklin (3 years), and John Hruska (completing a term, 2 years)

Right Relations: Kay Lynn Goldner (2 years) and Elaine Wells (2 years)

Nominating Committee: Ed Kelly (3 years) and Linda Parker (3 years)

Capital Trust: Jennifer Larsen (3 years) and John Wagner (completing a term, 1 year)


10. Recognition of Completion of Terms: Catherine Plumlee


11. Volunteer Recognition: The Nominating Committee


Unitarian Universalist of the Year presented by Oliver Coffman
Youth of the Year presented by Ryan Cook

Young Adult of the Year presented by Katrina Schmidt

Heritage Award presented by Sara Switzer

Religious Education presented by Mary Kay Peters

Keeping the Faith presented by Nellie Chenoweth

Social Justice presented by Terri Lynn Brewer

Unsung Unitarian Universalist presented by Donna Neff


12. Adjourn: Harold Cruz-Sanchez

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