GOAL:  $280,000 from 150 pledges

RECEIVED:  $271,580 from 130 pledges

Stewardship Campaign


Our goal is to obtain pledges for annual contributions totaling $280,000, an increase of $35,000 over the results of our last stewardship campaign.  We need this increase to close the gap between pledges and our total budget.  Our budget has increased over the years while our collective pledges have not.

Please review the Fair Share Contribution Guide before making your pledge.  The Guide emphasizes pledges as a percentage of income, with increasing percentages for higher incomes.

To encourage people to pledge early rather than waiting for a phone call at the end of the campaign, we will hold weekly drawings for pledge prizes beginning after the church service on March 14th.  Everyone who has pledged by March 14, 21, 28, and April 4 (Easter Sunday) will be eligible.  Those who pledge sooner will be eligible for more drawings and will have first pick of the prizes.

Everyone who pledges will receive a custom face mask with a picture of the church on it, to remind us all that we have come through the year in flying colors (while supplies last). 

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