“Mind the Gap”: Stewardship Campaign Happening This Fall 


Oi Mate! Your Stewardship Team has been working on a supplemental Pledge Drive since we fell short of our 2019

stewardship campaign goal. Our reason for doing this is because we need to “Mind the Gap,” which is an English expression used

in their subways to make sure you don’t trip over the gap between the subway car and the platform. Well, we don’t want to trip up

in our fundraising since we:

1)  need to maintain our beautiful 100-year-old church,

2)  can tell our donor demographics have changed significantly in the last few years,

3)  are in transition and pledges are usually down in transition years, and finally,

4)  need to show our minister candidates that we are a committed congregation and that we honor our commitments. 

 We (your Stewardship Team: Mary Kay Peters, Mike McAtee, Sharon Piehler, and Joseph Schaaf) would like to ask you to increase your pledge or make your pledge if you missed doing that earlier this year. We appreciate your generosity. 


Questions? Stewardship Team chair Mary Kay Peters can answer questions about this year’s pledge campaign at

Double Your Impact!

Thanks to the generosity of Barb Ross and the permission of her loved ones, we are able to make a matching contribution for every dollar amount pledged up to $25,000 to close the gap during our supplemental drive.  The Stewardship team wishes to acknowledge this fundraising blessing to our congregation and encourages everyone to take advantage of the matching gift from Barb Ross for the well being of our beloved church. 

Click on the form below to download the Mind the Gap pledge card to make your pledge or to increase your pledge. 















A Letter from Our Interim Minister


Dear Ones,

I am writing to encourage you to make a pledge or increase your pledge for this congregational year.  As I’m sure you know by now, the spring pledge campaign fell short and so the church is supplementing with a fall campaign called Mind the Gap.  The gap, in this case, is a significant one—a gap between the hopes and expectations of a congregation and its ability to fund those hopes and expectations.  While the gap is significant, it is also one this congregation can easily close if everyone pulls together to make it happen.


Here’s one reason why you would want to do just that. One of the most exciting developments that has happened since the spring campaign is the hiring of a lifespan director of religious education. Although Christina has only been here a few months, she is already off to a great start.  Programming for middle and high school-aged youth is increasing, OWL (the Our Whole Lives healthy sexuality program) will be offered to multiple age groups this year, and fall programming for adults will start off with Christina and myself co-teaching a five-session class called Cakes for the Queen of Heaven—a class many of you have been asking for.

Let’s keep the momentum going!  Let’s “Mind the Gap!”


With deep gratitude,

Rev. Michelle


Finance Matters (published in April 2019 newsletter)

By Walt Jesteadt, Treasurer and 

This is the time of year when we put together a budget for the next church year, which begins on May 1st . We start now because we need to agree on the goal for our annual stewardship campaign. Based on input from team leaders and our recent experience, the Board has adopted a preliminary budget for the coming year of $352,600 and a stewardship goal of $270,000. That is a budget increase of 3.7% and an increase of less than 2% from last year’s stewardship goal of $265,000. Pledge contributions represent 77% of the income for the budget.


It might appear that if everyone increases their pledge by 2%, everything will be fine. That unfortunately is not the case. We are continuing to rely on money from Dick Holland’s bequest to wean ourselves from reliance on his overly large pledge. Every year, we decrease the pledge contribution from the bequest by $5,000. The rest of us have to make up that $5,000 difference. It would take a 4.3% increase in other pledge income to do that or a 15% increase to avoid use of his bequest money altogether. And, of course, Dick’s pledge is not the only one we will be missing. Several significant contributors to our last stewardship campaign will unfortunately not be contributing to this one. It is harder to estimate that difference, but we will need increases of 5% to 10% from those who can afford it in order to reach the stewardship goal.

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