What we're learning in Sunday School 

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Sunday Morning for Kindergarten to 5th grade 
Begin Sunday in the sanctuary with the congregation at the 10:30am service. Then leave the sanctuary with their teacher after the Story for All Ages. Class and activities will go until 11:30am.
What do we want the children in our congregation to know?

This was the question a dedicated group of RE Council members and parents asked as they drafted a birth to age 18 curriculum document. This gives our education program a framework of age appropriate topics which we believe are fundamental to being a Unitarian Universalist.  

The topics rotate in a three year cycle, with time given for three key ways of understanding religious thought.  1. Who are we and how do we relate to the world? 2.  How can we aspire to be good?  3.  What do we believe to be true?

Each year of the cycle leads children and youth through four big questions.  
Year 1:    
•    UU core Values: What does it mean to have values?
•    Where do we find the holy?
•    How can one person make a difference?
•    Optional interest based explorations.*
Year 2:
•    World Religions: What is the role of religions?
•    Critical thinking: How do you decide what you believe?
•    We are part of the universe: How do we relate to the earth?
•    Optional interest based explorations.
Year 3:
•    Abrahamic Religions Part I : How have Judaism, Christianity, and Islam influenced the world culture?
•    Abrahamic Religions Part II:  How do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam influence the world in which we live. 
•    Optional interest based explorations.

*Interest based explorations are summertime classes which are designed to respond to the enthusiasm of students and volunteer teachers. They explore subjects that reflect the interests of the children and adults involved.  
We are excited about the founding concepts and the flexibility of this plan.  

Great gratitude to:
leader Kate Wiig, Sheri Conner, Wendi Jensen, Patricia Soto, and Donna Neff.





In the Nursery​

Ages: Newborns to Pre-K.
We've developed nursery- age-appropriate UU rituals and stories into the nursery activities.  This brand new, full- year program encourages young children to:

• learn how to play and work cooperatively
• express their feelings about themselves and others
• see congregations as places for making and caring about friends
• appreciate how we are all alike yet different
• view nature as a source of gifts that needs our care
• celebrate the different religions and cultures of the world.

For example, our preschool opening ritual centers little minds with gestures and easy-to-learn principles that kids remember well into adulthood! The words are:
We Light This Chalice

To Celebrate Unitarian Universalism

This is the church of the Open Mind

This is the church of the Helping Hands

This is the church of the Loving Heart
The nursery is staffed every Sunday from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

YRUU (Youth Group)

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists is a combined group of youth from First and Second Unitarian Churches. Youth are in 7th—12th grades. Our youth love the acceptance and belonging this group provides. Youth are free to be themselves in a truly
supportive and fun community. Adult advisers guide them in the areas of community building, social action, worship, learning, leadership, and congregational involvement. The youth group meets September to May every Wednesday at 7pm in the Common Room at First Unitarian Church. The Young Adult Committee (YAC) meets once a month on Wednesdays at 6pm. Any youth or parent may attend these planning meetings

Have a teen that wants to join? Contact Christina at dre@firstuuomaha.org

Leaders: Ben Stallings and Taylor Eman

Middle School (grades 7-10) OWL Begins Oct 20th!

Our Whole Lives is a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality curricula. Middle School OWL will begin with a required caregiver/child orientation on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 12:30pm in the Sanctuary. We expect that classes will run from 12:30pm to 3pm on most Sunday afternoons, from mid-Oct 2019 through mid-May 2020; the schedule will be finalized in cooperation with families and volunteers following the orientation. Contact Christina (dre@firstuuomaha.org) with any questions.