OTOC (Omaha Together One Community)

OTOC’s vision: Create a connected community that bridges race, social  and economic status that works together to influence policy about issues that we care about.

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Upcoming events:

OTOC Steering Committee

Monday, November 11 at 7 pm at First United Methodist Church, 7020 Cass St. Room 112

Representatives from OTOC congregations will receive an update about incoming Organizer Sarah Keeney, review the October 3 Day training, celebrate the Roots of Justice award, and engage on Action Team issues.

Issue Cafe: Where is Omaha with Proactive Rental Inspections and Where do we go from here with Affordability?

Thursday, Nov. 14 at 6:45-8pm at Urban Abbey, 1026 Jackson. Learn from the Safe and Affordable Housing Coalition about how implementation of the new proactive rental registration and inspection ordinance is going, and join us as we explore next steps for safe, affordable housing in Omaha and Nebraska.

Documentary "The Last Dream" and Fundraiser 

Friday, Nov. 22 at 5:30pm at Augustana Lutheran Church (3647 Lafayette Ave, Omaha)

Join us to hear from local Temporary Protected Status families, watch the video of the plight of TPS families, raise money for an upcoming advocacy trip to Washington DC, and eat yummy foods.
Documentary "The Last Dream": A short documentary created by children of TPS recipients about the fear, sense of abandonment and loss from the US citizen children of TPS-holders as they anticipate their parents being deported.

Issue Cafe: Payday Lending Ballot Initiative on November 26 at Urban Abbey (1026 Jackson St.)

Leaders from OTOC and Nebraska Appleseed will explain the campaign to cap fees on payday loans at 36% APR (down from 404%) through a Nov. 2020 ballot initiative and how you and your institution can support the campaign.

Current OTOC Action Teams Listed Below:


Housing and Revitalization

Allocate $1 Million in City funding for the demolition of dangerous, vacant buildings abandoned by owners to assure that more of the 750+ condemned buildings come down;

Support creation of an Omaha land bank to re-invest in older communities but assure that it will communicate closely with existing residents and benefit their communities;

Improve code enforcement and repair programs to reduce deterioration of older housing;

Create a Vacant Property Registry so that owners must pay to register  and properly secure properties which they intend to leave vacant for long periods of time.

Contact: Gloria Austerberry, 402-455-7751 glauster@yahoo.com


Immigration Reform

Educate elected officials and the public about the need for Congress to adopt comprehensive immigration reform;

Assure fair treatment of immigrants by local officials like police, public agencies and private businesses;

Provide leadership development and support to Dreamers and other young adult leaders.

Assure fair federal policies toward the most vulnerable immigrants such as Unaccompanied Children who are currently fleeing Central America to the U.S. border.

Contact: Kathleen Grant, 402- 556-7877 kathleen.grant2@hotmail.com


Mental Health

Assure that there is sufficient state funding for Mental Health programs that benefit children, adolescents, families and others who need support for mental health services;

Support creation of the Refugee Mental Health Team that will to improve communication between mental health providers serving refugees and improve access to care for refugees.

Improve prison mental health care and reentry support for inmates returning to society;

Improve transportation for Medicaid eligible patients to therapy and doctor appointments;

Contact: Sarita Penka, 402-498-3660, saritapenka2@gmail.com


Environmental Sustainability

Learn about sustainability issues such as climate change, increased use of renewables, water, local foods, community gardens and other issues facing Nebraska and take action by meeting with city and state leaders to influence policy changes to improve environmental sustainability of our communities; 

Contact: Laurie Gift, tothegifts@icloud.com


“Death and Taxes” (Medicaid Expansion and State Tax Policy)

Educate the public during 2014 to assure that the Nebraska Unicameral votes in 2015 to pass legislation that will “Bridge the Coverage Gap” that has left over 50,000 low wage workers and working parents with no real options to purchase health insurance.

Meet with members of the Unicameral and ask candidates for state wide office where they stand on Bridging the Coverage Gap.

Educate ourselves and the public about current proposals to restructure Nebraska’s income and property taxes;

Assure that any changes to current state tax laws are in the best interest of all Nebraska families.

Contact Mark Hoeger at 402-630-8128 or mhoeger@aol.com


Refugee Support

Continue developing the Refugee Health Collaborative which educates refugees about how to access health care and teaches medical providers how to better serve refugees;

Provide ongoing leadership development opportunities to refugees in Omaha through the Refugee & Immigrant Civic Academy and the Refugee Leadership Academy;

Organize cultural and educational events like the 3rd Annual Refugee Cultural Night to build relationships between refugees and residents;

Contact:  Christine Arach Ross, 402-306-6651, aracha.christine@gmail.com


Workforce Development

Meet with local employers and job training programs to determine the kinds of jobs and skills needed by workers so they can earn a living wage in Omaha;

Develop community support for investing in the support services needed by people in job training;

Learn more about successful workforce programs in the area and region.

Contact: Rita Bianchi, 402-556-1201, ritab36@cox.net

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