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OTOC (Omaha Together One Community)

Did you know that First Unitarian Church is a member of OTOC along with 25 other congregations

and organizations?

What is OTOC? It is a local Omaha organization which “teaches people to become effective leaders,

while exploring their legitimate interests, doing solid research, engaging in tough, but always respectful

public discourse, holding elected officials accountable and creating positive change through collective action.” 

OTOC’s Vision: To create a connected community that bridges race, social and economic status that works together to influence policy about issues that we care about.

 OTOC Steering Committee 2022:  

  • August 3, 7pm @ St. Pius X

  • October 5, 7pm @ St. Pius X

  • December 7, 7pm @ St. Pius X

    OTOC Leadership Team

  • July 20, 7pm @ Augustana

  • Aug 17, 7pm @ St. Pius X

  • Sept 21, 7pm @ St. Pius X

  • Oct 19, 7pm @ St. Pius X

  • Nov 16, 7pm @ St. Pius X

  • Dec 21, 7pm @ St. Pius X


Action & Research Team Reports: 

Current OTOC Action Teams:

Housing and Revitalization

Immigration Reform: 


TPS has been extended for persons with TPS from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal and Haiti until July of 2024.  This allows eligible people (about 392,000) from these countries to remain in the U.S. shielded from deportation and with the ability to work lawfully.  In late 2021 U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services  reported that there were 241,700 TPS holders from El Salvador, 76,000 from Honduras,  53,000 from Haiti and 4,250 from Nicaragua in the US. Although this is not the permanent solution we need, it provides temporary security as we continue to work on this important issue.

Environmental Sustainability


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Questions? Need more info about OTOC?

Contact Sharon Conlon at


The OTOC website has several resource pages for you specifically about dealing with Covid-19.

Check them out at

Minutes from OTOC meetings:

October 2020

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