OTOC (Omaha Together One Community)

Did you know that First Unitarian Church is a member of OTOC along with 25 other congregations

and organizations?

What is OTOC? It is a local Omaha organization which “teaches people to become effective leaders,

while exploring their legitimate interests, doing solid research, engaging in tough, but always respectful

public discourse, holding elected officials accountable and creating positive change through collective action.” 

OTOC’s Vision: To create a connected community that bridges race, social and economic status that works together to influence policy about issues that we care about.

Thank you to these UUs who attend our two house Zoom meetings:

Lin & Tommy Thompson

William Reliford

Teela Colbert

Terri Lynn Brewer

Lita Magisana

Dan Sullivan

Sarah Copeland 

Dan Sullivan

Katrina Schmidt 

Julie (& Roger) Nicholaisen

Kate Wiig

Jaime Alexander

Katrina Schmidt 

Douglas Lee-Regier

Deborah McAtee 

Dave Richardson

Walt Jesteadt 

Bob Hess

Donna Neff

Bethany and Ryan Cook 

Spencer Pereira

Nadine Keith

Dave Richardson

Jack Heidel

Questions? Need more info about OTOC?

Contact Sharon Conlon at sharonconlon@msn.com

Upcoming Events:

OTOC Steering Committee Meeting happening Monday 3/08/21 @ 6:30 PM via Zoom 

Register here: http://bit.ly/OTOCSteering030821


CoChairs: Denise Forrest, Church of the Resurrection and Richard Blocker, Augustana Lutheran


This Steering Committee meeting, OTOC will be discussing two key upcoming Actions: The Annual Celebrating Community Auction and the Accountability Session for City Elections!


This Auction is OTOC's largest fundraising event of the year, AND we are planning for both online and in person opportunities to bid! Come get the details on the event and learn how you and your congregation can help support and promote the event!


This Spring, the Mayor and all seven City Council members up for reelection. OTOC has decided to host an Accountability Session with some of these candidates to initiate a public relationship and garner commitments to working together with us in the future on the issues WE care about. However, if we want to be impressive and get commitments from these candidates to address issues that are important to us, we need to be ORGANIZED!


OTOC's Steering Committee Meetings are the voting body of the organization; but your voice doesn't get heard if you aren't there to decide how your institution votes! It's important for all OTOC member institutions to have a delegation of leaders attending this meeting so that we can determine our collective interests, and engage more leaders in the effort to identify and train leaders, build power, and make Omaha a better place for us all!


Tuesday, April 6: Omaha city primary for mayor and each city council district will be narrowed to the two top candidates

Sunday, April 25: OTOC Accountability Session on Zoom

Tuesday, May 11: Omaha city election for mayor and city council

Current OTOC Action Teams:

Housing and Revitalization
Immigration Reform
Environmental Sustainability
The Nebraska new prison (this group is still forming)

Learn more:

OTOC website: https://otoc.org/about/
OTOC Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OmahaTogetherOneCommunity/

If you would like to receive the OTOC Newsletter go here:  https://otoc.org/newsletter-sign-up/


The OTOC website has several resource pages for you specifically about dealing with Covid-19.

Check them out at https://otoc.org/covid-19-action-site/?blm_aid=8131585

Minutes from OTOC meetings:

October 2020

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