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More information about leadership roles


From the Board Policies: The job of the President-Elect is to serve on the Board of Trustees and also to prepare to serve as the President.  In the absence of the President (whether temporary or permanent), the President-Elect shall assume all of the duties of the President.

From the Ministry Team Charter: The President-Elect serves a year one term on the MTC. Under normal circumstances, the term shall be for one year.  The President-Elect’s term shall begin June 1st annually.

Time commitment: The board meets once a month for about 2-3 hours. The President-Elect usually serves on the Executive Team which meets with the minister, the president, and another board member at other agreed upon times. The MTC does most of its work via email, but has monthly meetings and additional meetings with the Teams every other month. The President-Elect presents a monthly MTC report to the board at the board meetings. The President-Elect writes the Annual Report for the MTC. 

See below for more information from the Bylaws about the board.

Board Member

From the Bylaws: An elected trustee shall serve a three-year term. The term of office begins at the first meeting of the Board of Trustees following the Annual Meeting at which the Trustee was elected and ends at the beginning of the first meeting of the Board of Trustees following the last Annual Meeting in the term to which the Trustee was elected.

The Board of Trustees shall have and exercise general supervision over the affairs of the church and shall:

1. Regulate the uses of church property for religious, educational, or whatever purposes they deem necessary or desirable.

2. Have the power to supply the pulpit for Sunday services when there is no minister or when the minister has made no provision for filling the pulpit in his or her absence.

3. Have the power to appoint delegates to represent this church at outside meetings, conventions, and conferences, provided the congregation has not elected delegates at a membership meeting.

4. Submit an annual operating budget to a membership meeting for approval and disburse funds consistent with this budget.

5. Meet at a regularly scheduled time in such manner as it may determine once each month during the church year, and as often in addition as necessary to carry out the affairs of this church. All regular Board meetings will be publicized, if practicable, in the church bulletin, and any member of the church may attend. A majority of Trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

6. Adopt and publish a set of rules to be known as the Policies/Guidelines of the Board of Trustees, which will serve as a guide and framework for general governance, delegation of authority, committee function and other church related activities.

7. At least once each church year, review the financial structure of the church, and if deemed reasonable and necessary, cause an audit of the financial structure of the church, and report to the congregation at the Annual Meeting.

8. Appoint a Search Committee as provided in Article VI. Upon the request of the Search Committee, call a special membership meeting for the purpose of electing a new minister.

Time commitment: The board meets once a month for about 2-3 hours. Some work is done by email. A board member may volunteer to serve on other board committees. 

Nominating Committee Member

From the Bylaws: Prior to each Annual Meeting the Nominating Committee shall select a candidate for election to President-Elect and/or President of the Board of Trustees if there shall be a vacancy in either of those positions. The Nominating Committee shall also slate annually, when there are vacancies, candidates for other positions on the Board of Trustees, candidates for the Nominating Committee, and candidate(s) for Trustee(s) of the Capital Trust. No person shall be nominated without first consenting to serve. The names of the persons selected for nomination shall be mailed to each member of the church as specified in Article II, C, above for the mailing of notices to membership meetings.

The Nominating Committee shall elect persons to complete unexpired terms, until the next succeeding Annual Meeting, caused by vacancies on the Board of Trustees and on the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee shall have such other duties as the Board of Trustees may, from time to time, prescribe in the Policies/Guidelines.

Time Commitment: Usually in January, the past-president will call a meeting of this committee. Most of the work takes place January-May in preparation for the Annual Meeting. Meetings of this committee often take place on Sundays before or after church. 

Capital Trust Member

From the Bylaws: The terms of the Capital Trust call for three Trustees of the Capital Trust to serve staggered three year terms. The Capital Trust was established by the membership on May 29, 1981 according to the trust agreement effective May 1, 1981 and subsequently amended May 17, 1987. The Capital Trust was established to hold and invest certain funds of the church. The terms of the trust agreement govern the Capital Trust. The membership may modify or amend the trust agreement and may revoke the trust. This group works closely with the treasurer and the Finance Team. 

Time Commitment: This group receives monthly emails about investments from the church office and the treasurer.  A representative of the Committee may be asked to attend Board meetings on occasion. 

Right Relations Committee Member

This group supports the congregation in upholding its Covenant; facilitates effective communication within the congregation; encourages safe, respectful, and healthy dialogue and collaboration; and provides periodic training in communication, conflict resolution, and building healthy communities. 

Time Commitment:

Each committee member serves a two-year term. We meet as a team at least 2 times a year and as needed when member concerns come up, generally meetings last about an hour to an hour and a half.




To address member needs, the committee takes turns contacting a concerned party and is asked to do so within 72 hours. However, a committee member can volunteer to go out of turn with a simple email. The committee member then contacts each party involved in a situation and listens to their concerns. Our goal is to help them feel heard, but how long a right relations member spends listening is up to them. They may ask for other committee members to help or call for a meeting to discuss a situation. The committee members can then choose to take other actions, such as asking the minister to step in or making suggestions to the board or others in the church at their discretion. Click here to see the RRC page. 

Have questions? Email

The Nominating Committee

Terri Lynn Brewer (2024)

Diana Byrd (2024)

Ed Kelly (2025)

Linda Parker (2025)

Walt Jesteadt 

Dave Richardson 


Please consider that we prefer nominees who have not recently received awards or previously served on various committees so that all volunteers feel appreciated and avoid burnout. Also, all nominees to committees must be members for 3 months & contributed (see by-laws and articles of incorporation "voting member").


Unitarian of the Year:

2024 Kim Dunovan,  2023 Harold Cruz Sánchez, 2022 Lloyd Olson, 2021 Zoom Team, 2020 Kim & Brian Callaghan, 2019 Denise Allain, 2018 Donna Neff, 2017 Shelton Hendricks & Frank Norris, 2016 Marie Sedlacek, 2015 Ben Wallace

Unsung Unitarian: 2024 Lois Norris, 2023 Jack Round, 2022 Terri Lynn Brewer, 2021 Lloyd Olson, 2020 Mary Kay Peters, 2019 Bill Ross & Vanessa Timberlake, 2018 Kay Lynn Goldner & Carolyn McNamara, 2017 Harriet Major & Judith Wright, 2016 Walt Jesteadt, 2015 Dean Christensen & Jack Perry

Keeping the Faith: 2024 Mark Loscutoff, 2023 Douglas Lee-Reiger, 2022 COVID SAFETY TASK FORCE, 2021 Denise Allain, 2020 Louise Jeffrey, 2019 Barb Dewell & Nancy Scott, 2018 Nellie Chenoweth, 2017 Royal Bush, 2016 Shelton Hendricks, 2015 Linda Hess

Social Justice: 2024 Carol Ramsey2023 Kim Callaghan2022 Kim Dunovan, 2021 Suzanne King, 2020 Sharon Conlon, 2019 Mark Loscutoff, 2018 Jeri Thurber, 2017 Laurie Gift & Ami Al-Fatihah Amini, Rene Harper, 2015 Lori Hefeli & Jared Kolok

Young Adult of the Year: 2024 Kyria Spooner, 2023 Colin McDonald, 2022 Sara Switzer, 2021 Chynna Jedlicka2020 Machaela Player, 2019 Tom Seguin, 2018 Collin & Becca Hatcher

Youth of the Year:  2024 Samara Sánchez-Soto, 2023 Seth Conner, 2022 Liam Wiig,  2021 Lucas Magisana, 2020 Simone Cruz, 2019 Lily McEvoy, 2018 Erin Stokes, 2017 Noah Giron, 2016 Gayle Callaghan

Heritage Award: 2024 John Goldner, 2023 Bob Perrin, 2022 Daniel Byrd, 2021 Jaime Alexander, 2020 Nadine Keith, 2019 Dave Richardson, 2018 Janet West, 2017 Rev. Ron Knapp, 2016 Linda Parker, 2015 Nellie Chenoweth

Religious Education: 2024 Mike McAtee and Roman Noriega, 2023 Amanda Burton, 2022 Jessie Stallings, 2021 Kate Wiig, 2020 Ben Stallings, 2019 Jody Petrow, 2018 Geoff Erickson, 2017 Ryan & Bethany Cook, 2016 Sheri Conner, 2015 Roman Noriega

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