Agenda of The One Hundred Fifty-First Annual Meeting First Unitarian Church of Omaha 

This meeting will begin after the May 3,2020 10:30am Sunday Service is completed. 


1. Call to Order: Joseph Schaaf, President


2. Confirmation of Quorum: Catherine Plumlee, Secretary


3. Zoom Meeting Housekeeping: Catherine Plumlee


4. Appointment of Parliamentarian (G. David Richardson): Joseph Schaaf


5. Approval of Minutes of 150th Annual meeting (May 19, 2019) Click here to read the minutes.


6. Approval of Minutes of Mid-Year meeting (January 19th, 2020) Click here to read the minutes.


7. Presentation & Adoption of Proposed 2020-2021 Budget: Walt Jesteadt, Treasurer

Click here to view the budget and Treasurer's Report


8. Presentation of Ministerial Candidate & Motion to Call: Kim Dunovan, Chair of Search Committee

Click to read more about our Ministerial Candidate, Rev. Woodbury


9. 15-Minute Break (Voting will take place at this time.)


10. Annual Reports:

Take questions from the floor regarding any and all annual reports as printed in the meeting book, including those of the Minister, President, Ministry Team Council, Director of Religious Education, Trustees of the Capital Trust Fund, and all team and committee reports.

Click here to view a PDF of the Annual Meeting Booklet. 


11. Elections and Leadership Slate: Joseph Schaaf

President-Elect: Catherine Plumlee


Board of Trustees: Nellie Chenoweth (3 years) & Bruce Godfrey (3 years)


Trustee of the Capital Trust, Daniel Byrd (3 years)


Nominating Committee, Mary Kay Peters (1 year), Katrina Schmidt (3 years), Sara Switzer (3 years)


Right Relations Committee, Della Bynum (2 years), Deb McAtee (2 years)



12. Renewal of Right Relations Covenant:  Joseph Schaaf

Click here to view the Right Relations Covenant 


13. Recognition of Completion of Terms:  Joseph Schaaf & Sharon Piehler, President


14. Announcement of Call to Minister Vote:  Sharon Piehler


15. Adjourn: Sharon Piehler

Need more information about who should attend the Annual Meeting or the Zoom event link? Click here.