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Sunday Service: Streaming Video Archive

Sunday, December 11

One Service at 10:00am

Rev. Royal Carleton

“Commune. Union. Unity. Communion. Sacred.”

I am honored and grateful to be able to share the service on the 11th of December. Words matter and I understand some words, and rituals are safer for some than they are for others. I recently returned from a trip to see family in Albuquerque and I return to my beloved community to share a gathering, formed at our table, in our church that will allow each person to help feed the next what they are hungry for. Especially in days and times like this, being together in a community that is safer, in a community that is understanding, and in a community that provides refuge from those things that prevents us from being our best selves, is important.  Please join me on December 11th for  a very special day. 

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