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Upcoming Events 

The church building is open for Sunday services. You can attend in-person or via Youtube.

Click here for more information. If you're a first time visitor with us, click here

Young Adult Gathering

Please join us on 2nd Sunday at 9:30 AM in the common room for a Young Adult get together before the service. We are eager to rekindle old connections and form new ones as our congregation is growing. The UUA defines Young Adults as Ages 18-35. Questions? Contact Sarah at

3F Book Bonanza Group

This group meets monthly at 7pm in the Merritt Lounge on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

​Next meeting: June 14

Please email questions to Sheri Conner at
Books for this year: 
June - Fever Dream by Samantha Schweblin
July - Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro
August -  The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead
September - Sea of Tranquility by Emily St John Mandel

CUUPS: Labyrinth Walk

Friday, June 16 at 7pm, offsite. Join us for an annual tradition of walking the Chartre labyrinth together in the Blackstone district at First Central Congregational Church (421 S 36th St, Omaha, NE 68131). We will meet up at the labyrinth at 7pm to walk together and prepare to make the transition from the light into the dark time of year at the summer solstice. We'll be led by Mary Kay with a sound bath, chanting, and will all draw cards from the Earth Magic Oracle deck when we reach the center.

We'll then travel back to the First Unitarian Common Room for refreshments and fellowship after our journey into the labyrinth together.

Questions? Email 

Game Night - 3rd Saturday of each month

Saturday, June 17 at 6pm in the Common Room. Join us for game night.   All are invited to join in the fun. Bring snacks and board games. Questions? Email:

Making Friends with Conflict Workshop 

Saturday, June 24, 10am to 12:30pm in the Common Room. This workshop is a lively and insightful exploration of how people, yourself included, approach conflicts in life. Exercises are designed to educate as well as entertain. Snacks and drinks included.  RSVP to Suzanne King
This workshop is presented by Omaha Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

First Steps: A Gathering for Visitors -- Sunday, June 25

Melissa invites first-time guests, regular visitors, and long-time friends to join her Sunday, June 25 for First Steps: A Gathering for Visitors. The meeting will start about 15 minutes after the service ends -- head downstairs to the Common Room for some coffee, snack, and chat, and then up go to the Merritt Lounge. We'll get to know each other a bit better and learn more about First Unitarian and the Unitarian Universalist denomination. The meeting is about an hour long. 


Questions? Please contact Membership Coordinator Melissa Gibson at

June CUUPS Book Circle
Join us Tuesday June 27 at 7pm as we discuss Water Magic: Elements of Lilith Dorsey: Cleansing and strong, the power of water is all around you and in you. Lilith Dorsey presents many ways to incorporate water into your magic, from washes and baths to spells and rituals. Discover how to use the symbols of water in your magical workings. Learn the histories and wisdom of rivers, lakes, and oceans, as well as water's relationship to the wheel of the year. Explore water and its manifestations in mythology and lore and meet the gods and goddesses who rule over the element.

Due to extenuating circumstances, the May book discussion of The Witch’s Athame: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Blades by Jason Mankey will be combined with the June book discussion.

CommUUnity Night

We meet at 6pm in the Common Room the 1st Friday of each month. Our next meeting is Friday, July 7  

If you haven’t participated before, CommUUnity Night is a fun, laid-back all church event. We gather for a potluck and we don't worry about who is bringing what. Kids are free to play. If you can't bring anything or you are feeling too rushed to grab or make something last minute COME ANYWAY!

There is always plenty of food and what we really want is YOUU!  

People's Film Festival Screenings 

Monday, June 19 at 7pm in the Common Room. We will watch the film The Peace, a documentary from 2005. Click here for the Facebook event. 

Monday, June 26 at 7pm in the Common Room. We will watch the film 1917. Click here for the Facebook event. 

The Compassionate Communication Group


Hybrid meetings will be on first and third Tuesdays at 7pm in the Common Room

(Contact Suzanne King for Zoom link)
During our practices, we learn to transform the thinking, language and moralistic judgments that keep you from the enriching relationships and start to resolve conflicts with more ease, learn to ask for what you want in ways that ensure you’ll receive it, begin to hear the true needs of others with less effort, strengthen your personal and professional relationships and start living to your full potential.   Everyone is welcome. No prior experience needed.  

Morning Reflections

Happening online, Tuesdays & Thursdays,  8:15am to 8:45am.  

Join church members Kim Dunovan and Sharon Conlon  for a period of reflection and silent meditation/prayer on Zoom. Whether you’re seeking a regular spiritual practice, or just wake-up some mornings needing a little extra support and connection to our church community. This is an informal drop-in and all are welcome! Each gathering will open with a short reading, followed by shared reflections and time for silent meditation/prayer. 

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 816 3084 3110

Passcode: 371480

Questions? Email Kim at

Enjoy The Warmth of UU Community, Saturday, July 8

Are you looking for more friendship and connection? UUs are gathering! First Unitarian is hosting UUs from Second Unitarian Church of Omaha and Unitarian Church of Lincoln for fellowship and guided conversation, with the intention to deepen the relationship among our three congregations. We’ll build on the connection we kindled in April when folks from our three congregations gathered at Second Unitarian, and expressed a desire for more of these events. We hope you come, July 8, from 10:30am-2pm. A light lunch will be served.


Questions? Email

Pride Parade 2023:  Saturday, July 15th, Capitol District near downtown
Yes, First Unitarian Church will walk in the 2023 Pride Parade!  If you are interested in joining your church group at the parade and helping us plan, please email Telia at 

Learn more about this year's pride events by clicking here

The First Unitarian Book Club ​

We will not meet again until August 28th when we will discuss our individual summer reading. You might be giving some thought to books to nominate for September and October.  It’s never too early. For more information and to nominate a book, please contact Dave at


Outside Opportunities from other nonprofits and churches can be found by clicking here

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